Many careers exist out there. Different paths work for different people depending on their personalities. Some folks prefer plenty of structure, while others look for more freedom. If you’re the latter, there is nothing more freeing than the open road.

Whether you’re young and thinking about career choices, or you’re retired and looking for something different, here is what to expect when being an owner-operator truck driver.

Defining Owner-Operator

An owner-operator truck driver owns or leases at least one truck they can use to haul loads. They differ from truck drivers hired by companies since they work as independent contractors, which grants them plenty of flexibility. However, they also have the added responsibility of managing their own trucking company. If you’re someone who can wear many hats, then this career may be for you.

Be Your Own Boss

You can call the shots as an owner-operator truck driver, enabling you to be your own boss. All the choices are yours. Would you like to grow your operation and have several truckers and other people work for you? Would you rather keep it as a hobby that mainly benefits you?

The options are limitless. Choosing which jobs you want is something to expect as an owner-operator truck driver. You have the power to drive locally or do long-hauls across the United States. You can also pick what kind of cargo you want to haul.

Manage Business Responsibilities

Owner-operator truck drivers have the responsibilities of most small business owners. You’ll have to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to work as an independent contractor in this industry. You also will have to manage your finances. This might mean considering gas costs, paying possible staff members, and having enough funds to maintain your rig.

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