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Are the drivers employees or independent contractors?

All of Star Fleet Trucking drivers are independent contractors.

How long does it take from application to decision on hiring?

Typically we can process an application and have the driver approved within a few days.

Can I use a 6 ft. bed?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances. Please contact recruiting at 877-217-6919 for more information.

Is a CDL required to pull travel trailers?

Not on all loads, but lack of a CDL restricts your options.

How much money can I make or what is the average yearly earnings of a driver?

Pay varies for each driver because it depends on on how hard YOU choose to run.

How much home time do I get?

As much as you want! We’re non-forced dispatch, so you choose when to run and when to be home.

Do you have backhauls?

Unfortunately, we do not so drivers dead head back to Indiana for their next load.

At what point is a CDL required?

A CDL-A is required for a truck and trailer combination that has a gross vehicle weight rating over 26,000 pounds.

What percentage of the deliveries involve units that would fall into the CDL-A requirement?

Less than 1/2 of all deliveries require a CDL-A.

I did not see any information about gooseneck trailers. Are there deliveries that require a gooseneck?

No, we do not pull anything that requires a gooseneck. We only pull 5th wheels and travel trailers.

Can I have riders?

Only qualified co-independent contractors and/or spouse.

Is it forced dispatch?

No, but it is difficult to stay busy when you choose to only take loads to certain areas.

Do the transport independent contractors need to comply with DOT regulations as pertaining to hours, vehicle marking and logs?

Yes, we are subject to all the DOT regulations pertaining to trucking

Do I have to log both ways?

Yes. You are considered a commercial vehicle.

How often do I get paid and is payment by check or direct deposit?

50% is paid up front and the remaining on the same day that your paperwork is turned in after delivery has been made. The money is deposited onto your EFS card.

Are the units covered by company insurance or the independent contractor's truck insurance or do I need special insurance?

Star Fleet provides liability and cargo insurance at no charge to the driver.

Where do you run?

Continental 48 states and all of Canada (if you have a current passport).

Are independent contractors kept in one area of the country or are th trips random as they come up?

We have a non-forced dispatch so there is some flexibility, but it is difficult to stay busy if you’re not willing to run nationwide.

If the driver makes himself available, how often can a driver go out?

A driver can go out as often as they would like, as long as they stay within the DOT guidelines.

What is the per mile rate?

It varies with fuel prices and conditions (call recruiting office (877-217-6919) for current rate).

What is the average miles a driver will go in a year based on round trips?

Your annual mileage is dictated by you and how much you wish to drive.

Can I take time off?

Yes. Please contact your dispatcher out of courtesy.

I have an older truck in GOOD condition. Can I use it?

Trucks over 10 years old must be approved by Recruiting.

Who pays for the fuel?

You pay all road expenses except loaded tolls and permits (where needed).

Do I have to pull travel trailers and 5th wheels?

Yes, if you are in the RV division. Limiting to one or the other restricts your flexibility.

What is the average wait time for a load going out?

There is no wait time, because you can or will call in for a load before you arrive at the terminal.

When can I pick up my next load?

You have access to the terminal 24/7, but you must confirm your load before 3pm MondayFriday.

What do I do if I run into inclement weather while on a run?

Your safety ALWAYS comes first and you should only drive when comfortable.

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