Trailer Transport Services

Leave Travel Trailer Transport to the Professionals


Not everyone has the means to transport travel trailers, boats, and more across long distances. Bulky campers and trailers can be difficult to move without a heavy-duty vehicle. If you don’t have a sufficient towing vehicle or are inexperienced in towing large crafts, you could put yourself and your property in danger. Fortunately, there are services like ours at Star Fleet Trucking, which can help deliver these models to your desired location.


Benefits of Towaway Services


With a towaway service, you can save time and grant yourself the peace of mind that your empty trailer or equipment will arrive safely. The towing experience allows you to save yourself the headache of driving behind an unfamiliar truck, especially if you don’t have your own towing experience. Additionally, our trucks can tackle a variety of trailer transport services.


Trailer Transport Services at Star Fleet Trucking


When looking for a transporter for your vehicle or mobile home, it matters who you choose. Star Fleet Trucking has over 300 years of experience in transportation and delivering quality service. Our haulers specialize in a wide hauling range, from boat transport and moving other small vehicles to hauling manufactured homes. Star Fleet Trucking offers trailer transport services across the country, spanning the 48 continental United States and Canada.

Our drivers operate 3/4 ton, 1 ton, and even larger trucks to accommodate the largest RVs, boats, and other vehicles you need towed. Our range of trucks supports all kinds of towable vehicles, but some of the most common applications include boats, recreational travel trailers, horse and cattle trailers, portable machinery, and more.

If you need horse trailer haulers and more, you know who to turn to. Contact our team at Star Fleet Trucking today with any questions about our services or to request a quote for your transport.