Step Deck Trucking Services

What Is Step Deck Trucking?


Step deck trucking uses specialized step deck trailers with varying levels to haul taller equipment and cargo. When hauling anything, you must respect the legal height limit. For cargo that is too tall, you’ll need to hire a step deck transport. These specialty decks can drop the equipment or cargo down to a road-safe level to avoid unsafe transport.

Step deck hauling is also ideal for handling multiple pieces of equipment or cargo due to its tiered-level approach. One deck sits closer to the ground level, while the other half of the trailer is raised. This provides separate layers for larger loads and multiple shipping items. 


Step Deck Transport Applications


At Star Fleet Trucking, our drivers use 53’ step-deck trailers that allow them to haul a variety of equipment, vehicles, and other cargo. Whether you need to transport multiple vehicles or extra-tall cargo, step deck hauling could be the specialty solution you need. The two-deck model of this trailer provides enough hauling space for multiple vehicles or smaller equipment pieces.

Additionally, if you need to haul light freight or partial freight loads, step deck transport can accommodate loads that don’t require an enclosure. Step decks often support items such as excavators, tractors, building materials, other machinery, and more. 


Star Fleet Trucking Step Deck Trucking Services


When you need specialty hauling services for freight, tall cargo, multiple items, and more, Star Fleet Trucking can help. Our drivers are highly experienced with transporting freight and other cargo, including multi-level loads. Instead of working with foreign trailers or renting expensive trucks yourself, contact our professionals; they’ll deliver your cargo to your exact destination.

If you’re interested in learning more about step deck trucking services and what we offer here at Star Fleet Trucking, browse our website or contact our team today. We can help answer any questions you might have or get you started with a quote today.