Many people believe there is only one kind of truck driving, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Several different types of trucking fall under the profession’s umbrella. The job you take on will determine the best starter truck for a new owner-operator.

Peterbilt Is the Top Choice

Most people know Peterbilt in the trucking industry as a world-renowned diesel tractor-trailer brand. It’s so famous that you can find dealerships anywhere in the western world. Resources like this make it even more tempting to go with this brand. These trucks are made for any load, short or long distance.

Freightliner for Small Jobs

If you’re looking to save a buck but not cheat yourself out of quality, consider the Freightliner. These are different from the heavy-duty trucks their counterparts call themselves, but they can still do some heavy lifting of up to 26,000 pounds. These trucks are meant for local, short-distance trips. If you’re working locally in a small town, this may be the truck to go with. Even if you’re working locally, you still need to get a Class A CDL Indiana license or whichever state you live in, as it’s the law.

Mack as the Power Lifter

Mack trucks have the strength to carry massive loads, both short and long distances. Known worldwide as the truck that carries mostly elements like rocks and dirt, this freight has no problem taking on any load. It even has a specially designed bulldog security alarm system that alerts the driver when they are too close to another vehicle to always keep them on their toes. This is a smart addition for such a heavy-duty truck that can carry such large weights.

After reviewing these iconic trucks, you should be able to figure out the best starter truck for a new owner-operator. If you find yourself wanting to earn your CDL to pursue trucking, make sure to use this list, and you’ll have no trouble determining which truck is best for you.