If you’ve driven enough, you know that there are a few ways that you can get around having to pay for gas as frequently. Sometimes it’s just a matter of keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape or how you’re driving, but there are also financial incentives offered by companies that will ease your time at the gas station. Check out these three ways to save money on gas this summer so you won’t have to squeeze out every nickel you own at the pump.

Fuel Rewards Programs

It seems like these days just about every bank, grocery store, or gas station has a rewards card of some kind. With these special programs, if you become a member, you can rack up points with them toward gasoline and shopping discounts. Some of them can reward you rather handsomely. Folks who have started an owner-operator trucking business live for perks like this because they are always on the road, and they get paid by the mile. It would only make sense that they use rewards like this.

Tire Pressure

Something as simple as inadequate tire pressure can slow you down. Without enough air in your tires, you can’t expect to get very far and moreover, the pressure drop produces a negative effect on your fuel economy. So you need to ensure that your tire pressure is up to snuff before you’re on the road. You’ll be thankful you did at your next stop at the pump.

Map Your Route

One of the more underutilized methods of saving time and money is simply routing your trip beforehand. If you map out your destination, you’ll be a lot less likely to take any unnecessary turns or roads that could cause you to drive out of the way. Knowing your every stop—and any possible redirects—will help to keep you on track and not waste time doubling back on your route.

These three ways you can save money on gas this summer may make your time at the pump just a bit less painful. If you’re careful and cautious about where you’re going and how you’re driving, then your wallet just may thank you.