Rest stops can be a place of respite and relaxation after a long day on the road. When you can’t stay at a hotel, a truck stop is the perfect place to go for a warm meal and a secure place to sleep. Some rest stops even offer showers and other helpful amenities for truckers. Unfortunately, not all stays end in a happy experience. From parking lot accidents to stolen possessions, rest stops can be full of potential danger for an unwitting truck driver. However, these hazards don’t have to keep you from enjoying a stay at your favorite stop. With smart measures and precautions, you can take care of yourself and your rig whenever you park for the night. Learn more with these rest stop safety tips for truckers.

Find a Good Stop

Not all truck stops are created equal. Before you choose a place for the night, make sure you do a little bit of research—especially if you’re on an unfamiliar route. Try to find a rest stop with good reviews. There are several trucking apps you can install to help you locate and learn more about rest stops along your route. You can also look for stops that have modern security measures such as cameras and a well-lit parking lot.

Choose a Safe Parking Spot

In addition to choosing a good place to stay the night, one of the best rest stop safety tips for truckers is to carefully choose a safe parking place. While you don’t want to be alone in a secluded corner of the lot, you also don’t want to park next to crooked trucks. Avoid other drivers who have poor parking jobs or who look like they’re about to leave. This will reduce your chances of an accident. You should also avoid parking at the end of a row, near the fueling station, or in other high-traffic areas.

Protect Yourself and Your Rig

Even the safest rest stops can prove dangerous. Protect yourself, your truck, and your belongings with a few key safety measures. Always lock your doors when you leave your truck or when you settle in for the night. While you’re away from your vehicle, you can also place a screen or blinds over the windshield. This will help hide your belongings and deter potential burglars. Many truck drivers also carry a small defensive weapon on them, such as a knife or pepper spray. If you choose to carry a protective device, make sure it meets legal requirements.

With a little preparation and care, you can rest peacefully wherever your camping transport jobs take you. Here at Star Fleet Trucking, we prioritize the health and safety of every single driver. When you join our fleet, you reap the benefits of a custom schedule, supportive terminal staff, and the freedom of the open road.