One of the biggest decisions that truckers must make is whether they want to be an owner operator or a company driver. The choice you make will influence who you work for, when and what you haul, and how you make money. That’s why it’s important to learn more about each option before dedicating yourself to one or the other. Both owner operators and company drivers can have lucrative and rewarding careers on the road. Which is right for you? Learn more with this rundown of the difference between owner operators and company drivers.

Expenses and Responsibilities

Owner operators own their own truck and trailer, while company drivers use company-owned equipment. As a result, owner operators have higher overhead costs than company drivers. They must pay for their truck and any maintenance or repairs that come up. Owner operators are also responsible for fuel, meals, lodging, and other expenses while on the road. This is the biggest difference between owner operators and company drivers. When you drive for a specific company, your employer covers most, if not all, of these expenses. That said, owner operators often make more money per mile or per load they haul.


When you drive as an owner operator or independent contract driver, you are your own boss. Unlike company drivers—who operate just like any other employee would—you choose who you work with, when you drive, and what kind of loads you transport. This creates more independence and flexibility in your schedule. It also means you can find as much or as little work as you need. If you need time off, simply don’t take jobs during that period. If you want more money, hustle hard and sign on for more jobs. Commercial trucking is a booming industry. If you partner with a good fleet, you’ll never run out of work.

Choosing the Job That’s Right for You

Deciding which path is right for you and your career is a big deal. Don’t rush your decision just because you want more money or want to leave your current gig. If you do choose to become an owner operator or independent contract truck driver, make sure you partner with a friendly and passionate fleet like Star Fleet Trucking. With our excellent pay, perks, and benefits, we have the environment you need to find camper hauling jobs as an independent driver.