Part of getting behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheel Freightliner is understanding what the job is about. When we have this mindset, it makes it easier to understand what the life of a trucker is like. Here are some surprising things you may not know about truck driving so you might see them in a different light.

Require Special Driving Skills

As you might have already assumed, it takes certification and practice to drive a semi-truck. This is because there are many laws in place to protect everyone on the road, including truck drivers and civilians.

It also ensures the freights make it to their destination. Because the training is such a lengthy process, it tends to separate those who’ll be dedicated drivers from those looking to make a quick buck.

Class A Driver’s License

To become a truck driver means you’ll have to earn your Class A commercial driver’s license, which is specific to truck driving. Being able to drive a semi-truck requires that you understand all the working components of how to maneuver it. This includes knowing how to signal, knowing what rules are different for truckers compared to standard civilian drivers, and having knowledge of all eighteen gears.

Communicate With Their Lights

Most people may not realize this, but semi-truck drivers communicate mainly with their lights. Pedestrians usually make use of their car’s horn or use hand gestures to communicate to others on the road. Truck drivers use CB radios and signal with their lights.

Have Regulators on Their Engines

Did you know that truck drivers aren’t allowed to speed while on the road? Due to certain laws, they have governors on their engines that won’t allow them to go over the speed limit. The trucks always cap off at a certain speed. This is a great thing since the drivers can slow down and avoid accidents.

Some people might consider truck driving a grungy and unskilled profession, but that view is incorrect. It takes of talent and perseverance to keep up an occupation requiring a lot of focus and thought. Truckers must carefully plan out their routes and learn to drive in extreme conditions and rarely get the credit they’re due. Hopefully, this article covering surprising things about truck driving you may not know gave you an interesting, new perspective about it.