*This post is based on an internal email sent by Patricia Nowak on 4/8/2021.

Weather is not always predictable but if we look at several sources we can usually get a good idea of what is happening. 

Our goal is to deliver the freight that the customers entrusted to us without any damages.  That should be everyone’s goal. 

If you are being careful to not damage the freight than you are also being careful to not hit other property, pedestrians, or vehicles.  These things go hand in hand. 

It is when you are not paying attention to driving or the things happening around your vehicle that bad things happen. 

Every trip should start with good planning. 

First, look at your route and then look at the weather for that route. 

Checking “Google Maps” will highlight potential construction, speed trips, and other potential challenges along your route. In addition, it will allow you to select “Route Options”, and suggest “Alternate Routes”.

Does it look good or does it look like you may have to shut down or drive slower.  How will that effect your time?  Do you have enough hours on your log book to make it there legally?  Star Fleet will never ask someone to run illegally.  We must all do our part to run legal and safely. Good planning will help lead to safer driving.

Star Fleet’s weather policy is to not operate when sustained winds are over 25 mph or gusts are at 30 mph or above. 

When roads are slick, wind speeds don’t even have to be that high to cause issues.  Imagine that you decided to still operate and winds were pushing you around or the roads were bad and you were sliding around.  If you blow over and hit someone or slide into someone else, you may be responsible for hurting or killing someone.  Can you live with that? 

Your Responsibility As A Driver Working With Star Fleet Trucking

As commercial drivers, you are held to a higher standard than the general public.  You are expected to look at the weather and road conditions so that you don’t put the public at risk.  That is actually part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) to not operate in hazardous conditions. 

This freight is not life or death…yes customers want and expect us to move it in a timely fashion but safety has to be our number one priority.  Please remember that.