You have your new CDL, a reliable vehicle, and you’re ready to set out on your first independent contract trucking job. The open road and a fresh paycheck are waiting, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you set out. Many new contract truck drivers are overconfident or have false expectations about the career ahead of them. While you know the basics of commercial truck driving, there’s still a lot to learn. Make your first trip a success by looking out for these mistakes to avoid on your first contract trucking job

Ignoring Your Own Health

Truck driving isn’t as simple as sitting behind the wheel all day and listening to your favorite tunes. You have to take care of yourself along the way. Focus on your diet, exercise, and sleeping habits during your trip. Make a meal plan and pack healthy snacks so you don’t have to rely on fast food or gas stations along your route. Take regular breaks and make a point of stretching, walking, or performing other light exercises while you stop. Staying hydrated is also crucial, so be sure to bring a large, refillable water bottle with you. Finally, equip your truck with the things you need to sleep well at night, including comfortable pillows, a mattress pad, or music or white noise

Not Asking for Help

Asking for help can be difficult, especially if you’re nervous about your first job. However, one of the biggest mistakes to avoid on your first contract trucking job is not getting assistance when you need it. Keep in mind that it’s always better to ask for clarification than to mess up and need someone to fix the problem. If you’re unsure about an address, your route, or other details of the job, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask about it. Expertise only comes from experience. When you connect with and seek advice from other drivers, you will learn more about the industry and what it takes to succeed.

Partnering With the Wrong Company

When you partner with a trucking and transport service, you want to choose a fleet that values you and the work you do. Make sure you know the values, perks, and other details of a trucking company before you start driving for them. Here at Star Fleet Trucking, we offer incredible perks and benefits that show how much we value our contractors. Learn more about Star Fleet and how we handle RV transport in Indiana by checking out our fleet today