One of the biggest responsibilities for independent contract truck drivers is keeping cargo secure while on the job. You haul needs to arrive at its destination safely and securely. Unfortunately, thieves are on always the lookout for an opportunity to steal and resell vulnerable cargo. Making intact deliveries boosts your reputation as a driver and helps you get more work with tow-away trucking companies such as Star Fleet. Don’t let cargo thieves ruin your career. Here’s how truckers can prevent cargo theft on the road.

Seek Out Training and Education

Knowledge and awareness can prevent a lot of issues on the road. Keep yourself and your cargo safe by investing in training and education. Learn how, where, and why cargo theft happens. Study past crimes and patterns to learn how to protect your own cargo. For example, experienced drivers and their fleets know that certain states—such as Illinois, California, and Texas—have higher rates of highway theft than others. Crimes also spike on weekends and around holidays. You should also obtain training in how to respond to cargo theft. When you know what to do, you can act appropriately and minimize the effects of a bad situation.

Identify High-Risk Areas

Some areas along your route are riskier than others. Many fleets and companies refer to the first 200 miles of a trip as the “red zone.” This indicates the area where thieves often follow trucks and wait for them to stop so they can steal or hijack cargo. Major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas also tend to have higher rates of highway theft. One of the best ways truckers can prevent cargo theft on the road is to be aware of these high-risk areas. Stay alert and avoid stopping in these areas if you can.

Cargo at Rest Is Cargo at Risk

It’s much easier to steal resting cargo than it is to steal cargo that’s on the move. Of course, breaks are a crucial part of your trucking route. How do you protect your cargo when you’re not on the road? Stay with your truck as much as possible while resting. Keep it within your line of sight while at rest stops or gas stations. If you must leave your truck unattended, park in a well-lit area, preferably near a wall or other tight area that makes your cargo less accessible. It also helps to stay in touch with dispatch while you’re off the road.