Because truck drivers are technically blue-collar workers, they must abide by a different standard than others when they are on the job. Yet, they are still expected to keep up with the rest of the professional world.

This means they must have a resume, as having a great resume is one of the most important things that a driver can have throughout their career. There are many ways to write a resume, but here is how to write a truck driver resume that keeps things clear and concise for the next interview.

Start With a Professional Summary

You always want to put your best foot forward, and this begins with a strong introduction. Start off by telling the employer a little about your personal history and who you are without going too much into detail. Give them an idea of the kind of individual you are and what you stand for.

Give an Accurate Work History

One of the most crucial parts of having a working resume is that you keep it up to date with an accurate employment history. Employers will be able to sniff out any gaps in your employment and see that you aren’t being completely honest with them. As such, it’s better to be upfront about this.

Supply the Employer With Your Skills

Showcase what you can do with your skills. If you have skills, that means you have experience, which you might have highlighted in your work history. Now’s the time to talk about your experience and skills in greater depth. Let employers know what you are capable of and whether you have any special skills that you picked up through your experience on the road. This might mean certifications and qualifications that other drivers do not have, thereby making you more desirable.

Include Your Education

You will need to include your entire education history to show that you are competent enough to work the job, from your high school degree to all your certifications and training. This is the single greatest entryway into the job that you want.

If you keep these things in mind when creating a template for your resume, you should end up with a solid professional resume for a truck driver. Working for RV transport companies in Indiana might be a solid place to start if you’re interested in this type of career.

Make sure you save enough copies of your resume. You’ll need to keep one copy for your personal files so that you can regularly update it according to this guide on how to write a truck driver resume.