An independent contractor truck driver has a lot of freedom and flexibility in their work. However, the job also comes with plenty of responsibilities. Like any career, there are a few qualifications you need to meet before setting out on your first trip. If you’re wondering how to become an independent contractor truck driver, check out these tips to get ready for a career of freedom and adventure.

Figure Out Your Schedule

One of the perks of being an independent contractor is the flexibility. You essentially work as a freelancer, choosing your own schedule. However, this means you have to find a balance between making money and spending time at home. Figure out how many hours you want or need to work ahead of time. This will help you fit your driving schedule into all the other responsibilities you have in your life.

Check All the Requirements

Different companies will ask for different independent truck driver requirements. However, there are a few general qualifications you can expect from everyone you work with. There will probably be a minimum age requirement—usually around 25 years old. You will also need a valid commercial driver’s license, driving experience, and a clean driving record with few—if any—violations in the past few years. Additionally, you will likely need to pass background checks or drug screenings, just as you would with any other employer. Make sure you are prepared to meet these requirements and qualifications before you try to work with a trucking company

Create a Maintenance Routine

If you’re learning how to become an independent contractor truck driver, you also need to know how to take care of your vehicle. Repairs come out of your own money, so it’s important to treat your truck well and stay on top of regular maintenance. Get to know your vehicle well so that you can catch potential problems as soon as they appear. The faster you address these issues, the more likely you are to keep them from turning into major, costly repairs

Find a Great Fleet

Once you’re ready to hit the road as an independent contractor, it’s important to find work with a transportation company that cares about you and your success. Your fleet should provide the best for both its contractors and its customers. At Star Fleet Trucking, we want to support you, your career, and your well-being. We have RV trailer hauling jobs, camper transport jobs, and other opportunities for aspiring independent contractors. Now that you know how to become an independent truck driver, sign up today to reap the benefits of driving with Star Fleet.