There are many different types of trailers available for truckers to transport cargo. Some of the most common options are traditional trailers or flatbeds. However, you’ve probably seen or used a step deck trailer once or twice. Today, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about step deck trailers, including what they are, what we use them for, and why they may be the best trailers for certain jobs.

What Is a Step Deck Trailer?

A step deck trailer is very similar to a traditional flatbed trailer. These are long flat trailers that require you to strap down and safely secure cargo. What makes a step deck unique is that it will typically include an upper and lower deck, hence the step. The size and height of these decks may vary depending on the model. Some options are more flexible than others, like how contractors can load a removable gooseneck trailer from the front or back of the trailer.

What Can You Haul With Step Deck Trailers?

Understanding everything you need to know about step deck trailers often comes down to the most common cargo we put on them. Some of the most common things to load onto a step deck trailer are things like construction equipment or materials, excavators, or other machinery.

Since step deck trailers have a lower deck, it’s often beneficial to load tall equipment onto the lower deck to keep the total height of your truck beneath common bridge heights and allow you to drive in a safe and less roundabout manner.

Advantages of Step Deck Trailers

One of the most common advantages of step deck trailers is the aforementioned extra space for hauling heavy equipment. Many step deck trailers include ramps that make loading and unloading the trailer easier if you don’t have a crane. Many contractors also find the top deck beneficial for storing pallets and other materials that are easy to access with a forklift.

If you have large construction or agricultural equipment and need help transporting it, let the certified contractors at Star Fleet Trucking help you out. We offer safe and reliable step deck trucking services and ensure that your cargo stays below the legal height and weight limits for interstate travel. To learn more about what Star Fleet Trucking can do for you, contact us anytime, and we’d be happy to address your questions, comments, and concerns.