The heat is on, any extreme weather condition can make for difficult driving conditions.  As a driver hot weather can be a bit more taxing.  In the summer parts of the US can experience temperatures the 90’s and the 100’s making travel even more difficult.  So, we have put together a few helpful hints to help you through those “Dog Days of Summer”.

If the sun is hot so is your cab. Studies show that over a period of less than an hour interior temp of a closed vehicle can rise by 50 degrees.  If you have to remain in a parked vehicle for any amount of time, whether it’s on break or waiting to unload, its important to utilize the air conditioning to regulate the temperature.  I know it seems like something simple, but it only takes a few minutes for an enclosed vehicle’s temperature to reach deadly levels. Rising temps can also take a toll on your truck.  From brakes, to tires, engine oil, and coolant.  When temps get to hot breaks can fail due to lost friction.  Check your brakes frequently during hot weather trips. Keep an eye on your coolant level, low coolant can lead to overheating.  A higher viscosity oil can also help protect your engine.  Heat wears down the integrity of your tire and can increase blowouts. Make sure you have the proper air pressure to assist in regulating the tire pressure.  Along with your vehicle the sun can take a toll on you.  Be sure to have sunscreen and plenty of water; to prevent burns and dehydration.  Expect more traffic in the summer with schools out and families on the road for vacation along with more road construction.  This will all lead to more congestion so give your self more space and time.  We strongly suggest weather apps and real time weather alerts.  With summer comes crazy weather like thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy rains, these all can cause major damage. Following your company guidelines when it pertains to weather to keep you and your vehicle safe.  What is that you do to keep you and your vehicle safe during these crazy summer months?