The trailers that ride along highways are as diverse as the cargo they carry. For every type of load a truck carries, a spec-built trailer is the perfect partner on the road. Star Fleet Trucking will share some of the most common trailer types in the trucking industry so that you know how to find what you need.

Dry Van Trailer

The dry van is one of the most common and versatile trailers. Picture a rectangular metal box on wheels—that’s a dry van. It can haul a plethora of goods, from packaged foods to electronics. The enclosed structure provides security and protection from the elements. Manufacturers typically build these trailers with a standard security lock, including features for warehousing, which gives them an edge when braving extreme weather conditions or during long transport periods.

Step-Deck Trailer

The step-deck trailer is a common type in the trucking industry because it’s ideal for cargo that doesn’t fit in a dry van. These specialized trailers feature a main deck at the levels of a standard flatbed, as well as a lower, step-built level, which provides clearance for tall loads. The “step” part of the name comes from the front of the trailer where the deck starts, which is a step down from the back of the trailer. This unique design makes step-deck trailers pivotal for transporting machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

Standard Flatbed Trailer

The flatbed trailer is the workhorse of open-deck trucking. Its simple design makes it the go-to choice for loads that are difficult to fit or secure within the confines of enclosed trailers, like construction materials, bulky machinery, or modular homes. This trailer type typically has a level bed without the raised sides of boxed trailers. It’s ideal for self-loading and unloading and is crucial in industries where large, non-traditional cargo is the norm!

Star Fleet Trucking’s operators are ready to accommodate your unique cargo needs, ensuring safe and timely delivery across the nation. Star Fleet Trucking offers step-deck hauling services and has the equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your transportation needs and take the hassle out of hauling your cargo.