There is a proper procedure for mechanical things, especially when it involves automobiles and towing. Without these regulations, someone or something has the potential to be fatally harmed.

And anytime you’re driving, safety should always come first, not only for yourself, but for everyone else on the road. So here are some common trailer mistakes to avoid on the road so that you can follow correct procedures and guidelines every time you’re behind the wheel.

Engine Overheating

Before you ever set foot inside a car and drive anywhere, it’s always smart to look at your gauges. You can check from your odometer, but it’s better to look under the hood to see the fluid levels, especially your oil. If you have a job that you’re preparing for, like pulling a heavy load down the highway, you had better ensure that you have everything ready.

Brake Maintenance

Check your brakes periodically to ensure that they don’t need any maintenance. Brakes have been known to go out on people while driving.

And if you’re hauling something when your brakes go out, this could result in a lot of harm coming to anyone in your path, including you. In many places, like Canada, you must maintain your truck if you drive commercially. You must check your brakes regularly, or you may risk losing your Canadian CDL . This is just how serious keeping your brakes in check is. It could mean saving someone’s life someday or your own.

Mismatching Ball Sizes

This happens on a large scale throughout the nation. People often take a ball and a similarly-sized attachment to hook up their trailer and tie them with cables and rope or whatever they can find.

Those ball joints are made specifically to fit into their exact receptacles so that they lock in place, and the trailer will not come undone unless manually unhooked. This causes a serious violation of the law and becomes a hazard to everyone on the road, including the person operating the vehicle with the trailer.

These are only some of the most common trailer mistakes to avoid on the road, although you might notice that there are many more.