When you make a living as an independent contract truck driver, you spend a lot of long hours on the road. There are many ways to break up your trip and keep the job exciting, but none are as interesting as the many roadside attractions that dot America’s highways. From one-of-a-kind sculptures to the world’s largest versions of mundane objects, these iconic locations are always worth a stop. Stretch your legs and get a great photo op at these best roadside attractions for truckers.

Carhenge – Alliance, Nebraska

You might not be able to drive your truck over to England’s world-famous Stonehenge, but you can make a stop in western Nebraska to see the famous Carhenge. This monument near the small town of Alliance mimics the circle of standing stones that make up Stonehenge. Instead of massive stones, however, Carhenge is home to an arrangement of vintage cars and trucks. The vehicles have been painted gray and stacked to look like the original standing stones. While Carhenge might not be as mysterious and awe-inspiring as the original, you can still spy some beautiful sunrises and sunsets breaking over the horizon and through the cars.

World’s Largest Ball of Twine – Cawker City, Kansas

No matter where you drive in the United States, you’re sure to pass at least one sign for a world’s largest object along the way. These random but amusing stops make for some of the best roadside attractions for truckers. The World’s Largest Ball of Twine, located in the tiny town of Cawker City, Kansas, is no exception. This massive ball of twine has been growing since 1953 and now weighs nearly 20,000 pounds. You can even call ahead and arrange to add more twine to the ball yourself. The unique attraction and the charming community that surrounds it makes the Largest Ball of Twine more than worth the stop.

Fremont Troll – Seattle, Washington

If you want to fit a little adventure into your drive, try visiting the Fremont Troll. You can find this sculpture beneath the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Seattle. This concrete troll towers beneath the bridge’s north end. It’s even clutching a real Volkswagen Beetle, as if it swiped some innocent travelers from the road above. Visitors are welcome to pose, take pictures with, and even climb on top of the troll, making it a great place to stop, stretch your legs, and cross another one-of-a-kind sight off your bucket list.

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