Trucking isn’t only for one organization. Some alternate businesses work in unity with truckers to help them get the job done. Fleets hire out these organizations to help smaller businesses get as many of their shipments to their locations in the shortest amount of time possible. Here is a quick overview of operating a power-only truck.

The Company Provides the Muscle

With power-only trucks, you have only one thing to worry about: getting your shipment to its destination. Power-only trucks are simply the tractor and the driver. No cargo and private companies are involved, except for the power trucking business getting your supplies to you quickly. What’s the difference between this and typical trucking?

Separate trucker companies only have so many trucks that can move cargo, and you have to schedule pickups with these businesses. Power-only trucking can issue as many tractors and drivers as necessary, up to around 70,000 at once! This means your load will always be picked up quickly and in full.

Ship Anywhere on Short Notice

Power-only trucking companies have copious resources, so you don’t have to make an appointment with advanced notice. You can call them anytime and arrange a pickup. There is no capacity they cannot handle, and your goods can be shipped at any time. This industry has a hold on shipping in bulk, so work orders are constant, and they have the power.

Professionals work on a relay in the power-only trucking industry, so distance is never an issue. They relay the cargo to the next available truck at another location and pass it along until it arrives at its destination.

Moving for Any Occasion

Whether you’re moving to a new location or transferring bulk wholesale goods, power trucking has you covered. Not only can they move you at any time, but they will also move for any reason to any location year-round. This is a great resource when trucking companies are backed up with orders or when businesses need to enlist extra help their own company cannot provide. It’s also good for individuals or businesses needing extra muscle to move.

This has been a quick overview of operating power-only trucking and what it entails. We hope you take an interest in this service that companies like Star Fleet Trucking can provide for your satisfaction.