There are many different trailer options for truck operators. One of the best options for hauling heavy equipment is step deck trailers. Step deck trailers have a lower deck that’s closer to the road. Here are five reasons why a step deck trailer is better for heavy equipment and what benefits it can provide to truckers and those who work to load and unload cargo.

1. Reduces Height

One of the largest advantages of a step deck trailer is that having the lower deck makes it easier to haul taller equipment. Many tunnels or highway overpasses have height limits that are more feasible with a step deck trailer. The reduced height may also eliminate the need to apply for any additional height permits.

2. Forklift Convenience

One of the reasons a step deck trailer is better for heavy equipment is because the lower height enables forklifts and other unloading equipment to access it from multiple angles. Not needing to lift equipment as high up makes it safer for those at work.

3. Equipment Placement

A common problem with heavy equipment is that the shape of it may make it difficult to load much of it onto a more traditional flatbed. However, you can utilize the upper deck of the step deck trailer to gain some extra space. For example, lifting the blade of a bulldozer onto the top tier allows you to get the wheels closer to the deck, giving you some additional space to load more equipment.

4. Weight Capacity

Because of their structure, step deck trailers can hold a lot of weight, especially if operators use them in tandem. A traditional two-axle step deck trailer can hold around 48,000 pounds, making it ideal for those looking to haul vehicles and other heavy equipment.

5. Generally Safer

In addition to step deck trailers being easier to load and unload thanks to the lower height, the different decks and easy access make them easier and safer for people to navigate. Climbing onto a step deck trailer to strap down equipment or move cargo is simpler with its ease of access.

To learn more about the benefits of step deck trucking, Star Fleet Trucking is here for you. We’re happy to explain the process and how our operators can get your equipment from point A to point B in a safe, reliable, and professional manner. For more details about the services we offer or the advantages of step deck trailers, reach out to us anytime. A helpful member of our team will be happy to assist you.