Truck drivers put a lot of miles into their job. In order to make each contract successful, you need a reliable rig that will get you there and back again. This is even more important for owner-operators. When you’re in charge of the jobs you take, and where you go, you’re also responsible for keeping your vehicle in great shape. Whether you make regular visits to your favorite mechanic or take care of your truck yourself, here are three top truck maintenance tips for owner-operators.

Create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Life as a truck driver means a busy schedule that often keeps you away from home. When you’re on the road this often, it’s important to establish a routine for your vehicle. Make a schedule of all the regular checks and preventative maintenance you need to keep your truck in good shape. Perform oil checks and analyses on a regular basis. Check your lights, air filters, fluids, battery, and other key components. You should also keep track of when you last repaired or replaced parts, so you know when something is due for inspection or maintenance. When you routinely check up on your vehicle and all its parts, you can stay on top of preventative maintenance and prevent a breakdown in the middle of a trip.

Pay Attention To Your Tires

While it’s important to keep track of your entire vehicle, there are a few areas that call for special attention. Good tires are an essential part of a successful trip. Every time you hit the road, you should inspect your tires. Look at the air pressure and tread to make sure everything is in good shape. Irregular wear or improper inflation can wear your tires down faster and cause problems on the road. As an owner-operator, you may want to use a pneumatic torque wrench to fasten your lug nuts. These issues can even affect gas mileage, costing you more money than necessary.

Keep Your Brakes Safe

It’s important to have a truck that can go, but having one that can stop is essential too. Brake maintenance is a vital part of keeping yourself and others safe on the road. Make sure you add brake inspections and replacements to your routine maintenance schedule. Regularly check for worn-down brake pads and be sure to change dirty brake fluid. A faulty brake can cause a lot of trouble in the middle of your route, so make sure you always know that your brakes are in good shape.

These top truck maintenance tips for owner-operators can help keep you safe, efficient, and successful on every camper hauling job you take. Once your vehicle is in tip-top shape, it’s time to start taking jobs with Star Fleet Trucking. Find success on the road by joining our fleet today.