Winter can make even the most familiar routes challenging, especially in a big rig. As a contract trucker, you already know how to stay safe behind the wheel. However, even experienced drivers must take extra care when snow and ice hit the road. One wrong move can ruin your route, lead to costly repairs, and even leave you stranded in the cold. Keep yourself, your vehicle, and your cargo safe this winter with these three vital tips for truckers driving in the snow.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance becomes more important than ever once winter hits. Before heading out on a snowy route, take your truck in to ensure everything is in top shape. Pay special attention to your tires, engine, and lights. You should also keep an eye on your wiper blades and antifreeze levels throughout the season, as these will prove vital any time you encounter snow or sleet. Finally, pack your truck with all the winter essentials, including an ice scraper, snow chains, and a spare blanket and coat.

Slow and Steady

If you find yourself in poor driving conditions, remember that slow and steady is the safest way to go. Avoid braking, accelerating, or turning suddenly, as this can cause you to lose control on slippery roads. In addition to staying consistent, you should also avoid speeding. Even the speed limit might be too fast in bad weather. The slower you go, the more traction you’ll have. You’ll also have more time to react to sudden changes, such as a car cutting you off or spinning out on the road ahead of you. Finally, keep these lower speeds in mind as you plan your route. While your safety is more important than any schedule, you should allow yourself more time to get to your destination if you know there will be bad weather along the way.

Give Yourself Some Space

Highway traffic tends to happen in packs, but this can prove dangerous in bad weather. One of the best tips for truckers driving in the snow is to give yourself plenty of space around your vehicle. A larger buffer zone gives you more time to slow down or get out of the way if something bad happens on the road. Plus, you never know how everyone else will fare once the weather gets tough. Play it safe and increase the amount of space between yourself and everyone else on the road.

If you’re smart and prepared, you can brave anything this winter throws at you. Turn your driving skills into success by joining the Star Fleet. Pick up RV transport jobs in Indiana and turn your love of driving into a lucrative career today.