There’s a certain degree of challenge when it comes to transporting a manufactured home. Mobile homes are large and typically require those transporting them to move at a slower pace with precision to reduce potential damage. You want to make sure the person transporting it is up for the task. Here are three tips for finding the right manufactured home mover to help you get started.


1. Get Multiple Estimates

Moving your manufactured home is a big decision, and it’s a good idea to see what rates and services different companies have to offer. Rates may vary between companies, with ranges typically running between 5 and 15 dollars per mile. In addition, some companies may charge more if your destination is out of state or may have different rates for guide cars.


2. Consider the Distance

One helpful tip for finding the right manufactured home mover is to plot out the distance you need to move. If you’re not moving very far, finding a local option might be the best choice after getting some estimates. Distance can be one of the most significant factors when determining how much this process will cost. Having concrete information to pass along to a company can help you get a faster, more accurate estimate from a potential mover.


3. Check Alternative Options

Many people search specifically for manufactured home movers or similar companies, but there are other options. Many trucking companies that specialize in hauling services have manufactured home transportation options. Working with freelance contractors may help you find a better deal when moving your home with stronger and more reliable trucks.

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