Everyone has a favorite season. There are pros and cons to every part of the year, but one thing you can’t deny is how gorgeous autumn is. Crisp, cool air, spooky decorations around every corner, and the stunning changing of the leaves all work to make up a glorious display whenever fall rolls around. Even when you spend most of your days in the driver’s seat, you can still enjoy all the beauty that this season has to offer. Whether you’re cruising down the interstate or taking a small detour to see the sights, keep an eye out for these best places to see fall foliage when out on the road.

The Rocky Mountains

When it comes to gorgeous scenery, Colorado often takes the cake. Who doesn’t want to liven up their drive with vast plains, rolling alpine forests, and awe-inspiring mountaintops? If you’re looking for the best fall foliage in the state, the Rocky Mountains have you covered. The changing leaves turn the mountains gold, offering a view you just don’t see in the summer. You might also catch a glimpse of the local wildlife—particularly in early fall, when rutting season is at its peak. Just be careful when planning your route through the mountains. Early snow can close roads sooner than you might anticipate.

The Upper Peninsula

Who says you need to visit the ocean to see beautiful coastal views? Michigan’s Upper Peninsula borders three of the Great Lakes and offers some of the most vibrant autumn colors in the nation. For full immersion, head to Emmett County’s Tunnel of Trees, a rich, 20-mile stretch of color along Route M-119. There’s plenty more to see if you have the time to spend in the area. Local nature preserves, historical sites, and old family businesses fill the Upper Peninsula with a festive fall atmosphere you’ll never forget.

The Coast of Maine

You can’t go wrong with autumn in New England, but one of the best places to see fall foliage when out on the road is along the coast of Maine. U.S. Route 1 winds along the state’s entire coast. It’s one of the best drives no matter what time of year it is, but the reds and golds of fall make it even more special. Catch cute portside towns, historic buildings, and other sight-seeing spots in their full autumn glory. Plus, lobster season is still in full swing, so stop by a seaside shack to enjoy the views as you experience Maine to its fullest.

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