Lowboy Driver Jobs in Indiana

Stepdeck trailers are the perfect solution for hauling smaller RV trailers, autos, and other vehicles while staying under standard legal height and weight restrictions. Operating in the lowboy division takes skill and commitment, which is why Star Fleet Trucking is always on the lookout for dedicated contract drivers to take on lowboy driver jobs in Indiana. In addition to step decks to haul multiple units, Star Fleet Trucking owner operators also use special trucks called Haul and Tows. These trucks haul one RV trailer on the flat deck of the truck and another RV trailer on the ground behind them. They are also capable of hauling one vehicle or two small vehicles on the deck for reloads.

Take On Lowboy Driver Jobs With Star Fleet Trucking

Star Fleet Trucking is proud to provide our clients with phenomenal service, and we know that service starts with our fantastic team of contract truckers. When you join our lowboy fleet, you join a group of dedicated contractors who are masters of their own time and commitment. Create your own schedule and work as you please with a fleet that prioritizes you and your success. To take on lowboy driver jobs in Indiana, you need:

  • A semi-tractor no more than 15 years old
  • A stepdeck trailer that can take a 53-foot load and units 102 inches wide and 126 inches high. The trailer must also have a center rail
  • A 9000-pound minimum winch
  • Ball stands for both 2-inch and 2 and 5/6-inch hitch balls
  • Tie-down straps
  • Tow mirrors
  • Safety chains
  • Fire extinguisher and 3 DOT approved safety triangles
    • A straight truck, 15 years or newer, with a flatbed and beaver tail used for Haul and Tow must be under 40’ from front bumper to the furthest rear point.
      • Over all deck space must be no less than 23’ and no more than 26’ long.
      • Capable of hauling a load that is 102” wide and 126 inches tall
      • Center rail
      • Ball stand with both 2” and 2 5/16” balls
      • Wheel straps or tie-down straps
      • fire extinguisher and 3 DOT approved triangles
      • Bargman 7 prong electric hookup on rear of bed
      • 9,000 lb rated winch

Drivers will also need to provide an annual legalization fee to drive with Star Fleet. This covers a small portion of the IRP and IFTA costs. Star Fleet Trucking pays for the remaining portion.

We have room in our fleet for new and experienced drivers alike. Join the fleet at Star Fleet Trucking today and discover endless opportunities. Look into our lowboy driver jobs in Indiana today.